Parish Council Contacts

If you want contact any of the Sparkwell Parish Councillors, we have complied their contact details all in one place for your convenience below. Feel free to contact any one of us if you think we can be of any assistance.

Dawn Johnson, Parish Clerk

Dawn Johnson, Parish Clerk


Councillor Robin May, Chairman

Councillor Robin May, Chairman

Tel: 01752 837864

Responsibilities: Finance, Footpaths, Tree Warden

Councillor Ruth Pearson-Bunt, Vice Chair

Councilllor Ruth Pearson-Bunt

Tel: 01752 336559

Responsibilities: Broadband, HR

Councillor Clare Lee

Councillor Clare Lee

Tel: 01752 837407

Responsibilities: Improving Public Areas, Litter, Planning, Tourism

Councillor Gill McEwing

Councillor Gill McEwing

Tel: 01752 837868


Councillor Graham Milford

Councillor Graham Milford

Tel: 01752 336262

Responsibilities: Bus shelters, Improving Public Areas, Litter, Planning

Councillor Glen Peacham

Councillor Glen Peacham

Tel: 01752 330746

Responsibilities: Drainage, Road Warden, Highways, Planning

Councillor George Small

Councillor George Small

Tel: 01752 837565

Responsibilities: Improving Public Areas, Litter

Councillor Julian Taylor

Councillor Julian Taylor, Vice Chairman

Tel: 01752 231302

Responsibilities: Drainage, Roads, Highways, Planning

Representation of Members to outside organisations:

You can view the register of Councillor’s interests on the South Hams District Council website.

Parish Cluster Meetings – Cllr Clare Lee

Hemerdon Village Hall – Cllr Julian Taylor

Langage Power Station – Cllr Ruth Pearson-Bunt

Sparkwell Parish Hall and Playground Trust – Cllrs Robin May and Clare Lee

Parish Tree Warden – Cllr Robin May

Drakelands Mine Liaison Group – Cllrs Robin May and Glen Peacham

Imerys – Cllrs George Small and Julian Taylor

Lee Mill Community Association – Vacant

Newnham Solar Community Fund – Cllrs Ruth Pearson-Bunt and Glen Peacham